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Fast Track Summer Project


Ph. I- III Contracts


Ph. I-III Annual Guaranteed Energy + Operational Savings


Total Square Feet

Project Description

Tipton Community School Corporation was in need of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC upgrades along with general renovation and construction needs that had to be addressed. After successfully completing two previous phases of work, Tipton chose Performance Services to implement an $8,638,296 guaranteed energy savings project in 2017. The project, which covered an expansive 417,955 square feet, was completed in a short three-month time span by the time students returned to school in August 2017.

Project Highlights

Phase I (2014)

  • Installed new high-efficiency boiler
  • Replaced roof-top unit
  • Reduced air handling unit fan speed
  • Reduced hot water pump speed
  • Installed CO2 sensors

Phase II (2014)

  • Reduced fan run-time and speed at Elementary and Middle School
  • New roof installation

Phase III (2017)

  • Classroom countertop and sink replacement in Elementary School
  • Heating hot water and chilled water system modifications
  • LED lighting throughout entire building
  • Bathroom renovations and upgrades for ADA
  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Cafeteria renovations in Middle School
  • Secure Entryways
  • Main gym and officials locker room renovation
  • Bathroom renovations at main gym
  • Pool locker room renovations
  • Roof replacement at Elementary School and pool
  • New secure entryways


Bob Wede

Bob Wede

Business development manager


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