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Tipton County Sheriff's Office and Correction Center

Tipton County Progressive Design-Build New Construction Project

8 classifications

Including Mental Health

35,788 Sq Ft

New Construction

Dec 2019

Completion Date

Project Description

Tipton County was in need of a new facility to replace a 120-year-old building with a limited 27-bed capacity. After previous site and design discussions in 2016, the County decided to utilize a progressive design-build approach allowed by Indiana procurement rules. Progressive design-build features high owner engagement throughout the design process to help achieve design objectives while keeping costs aligned with the goals of the project and within the budget. 


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The progressive design-build process has been very smooth and interactive. The communication and working relationship with Performance Services has been excellent. I'm confident that we have a design that meets all our program needs, is innovative, highly efficient, within our budget, and will reduce ongoing operating costs.

Tony Frawley

tipton county sheriff

The design of the new Tipton County Sheriff's Office and Correction Center includes a number of unique features and represents the latest in efficient correctional operation and safety and security, including a single, elevated control room with 360-degree visibility. The new, 80-bed jail will be a stacked, two-level operational concept, divided into four areas: inmate housing, support and intake/booking and release, public area, and the sheriff's office. The control room will provide a high degree of visibility with direct observation of intake and booking. The structure will also allow a great deal of flexibility in the operation and future modification/expansion of the jail.

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Unique Design Characteristics

  • Aesthetically pleasing design, respectful of local architectural character providing an attractive community gateway
  • Mental health cell (1) providing 4 beds
  • 80-bed facility
  • 1st jail in Indiana to have booking observable from central control (only 32')
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation under the roof
  • Jail detainees are not able to see out of the building
  • Jail detainees will never be outside the walls of the building
  • A master plan developed for future housing expansion of the jail
  • Critical infrastructure capacity sized for future expansion (kitchen, laundry, intake)
  • A master plan developed to accommodate future expansion of county facilities
  • Sheriff's administration area will accommodate 20-year growth
  • Enhanced patrol/investigations/common support areas with locker rooms
  • Enhanced training opportunities with larger training rooms of 940 sq. ft. 


Jim Christie

Jim Christie

business development manager

New Tipton County Sheriff’s Office and Correction Center Construction Project: Steel Cell Delivery Set for Today

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