Westview School Corporation

Guaranteed Savings and ENERGY STAR buildings

  • $8,542,326

    Contract Total (Ph. I-III)
  • $318,810

    Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings
  • 3

    Energy Star Buildings

In 2004, Westview School Corporation selected Performance Services to implement Phase I of a guaranteed energy savings project. After seeing significant savings and learning environment improvements, the District partnered with Performance Services for two subsequent project phases, with the most recent completing in 2019. This most recent phase encompassed district-wide LED lighting upgrades to improve the visual experience in addition to reducing energy and maintenance expenses. To further increase those savings, full dimming controls were installed in classrooms to provide enhanced learning environments for students. Additionally, occupancy sensors were installed throughout the buildings to reduce lighting usage when areas are unoccupied. Together, these upgrades from the LED technology will reduce energy consumption by 1,519,389 kWh in the first year.

Integrated Energy and Learning Solutions

  • Relief Air: Exhaust fans with digital controls
  • CO2 levels measured to ensure levels are below 1000 PPM with outside dampers at minimum position
  • Installed new LED interior and exterior lighting, dimming, and occupancy sensors
  • New ADA compliant fire alarm system and new lay-in ceilings at Topeka Elementary
  • Energy room is within <1 degree F of setpoint during the school day
  • New unit vents, 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems
  • High-efficiency gas fired boilers
  • Hot/chilled water piping (2-pipe system) in Topeka and Shipshewana; new chilled water piping in Jr./Sr. High School
  • Logic digital controls on HAV system
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