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We take care to keep everyone involved with our projects safe.

Tipton County Jail project under construction

All levels of our organization are responsible for the safety of employees, employees of our subcontractors, customers, and the general public. We continually work to prevent accidental injury, property damage, fire damage, or occupational illness. All aspects of our safety program are strictly adhered to, and the program is followed to the letter here at Performance Services. It's part of our culture.

Performance Services is a Qualified Contractor of the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) and has an excellent record of safe projects. Our safety program is in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, emphasizing the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and all OSHA requirements that apply to our construction projects. "Safety First" is a daily priority.

COVID-19 Worksite Safety Protocol

  • CDC, OSHA, and general safety compliance and precautions in place
  • Subcontractors are required to have a written COVID-19 plan
  • Entrance control
  • Workers screening procedure
  • Sanitation protocol
  • Project sequencing
  • Project meeting guidelines
  • Project delivery guidelines
  • Illness reporting procedure

Our team was recognized by the Coalition for Construction Safety with the 2021 Zero Injury Award. We are continually vigilant to ensure safe and successful construction projects.


Matt Jacques, Safety Director

Matt Jacques

Safety Director

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