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Three Aspects of a Successful K-12 Building Energy Assessment

By setting these three expectations with a qualified provider, you can ensure a valuable and fruitful building assessment.


The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance: Recent and Planned Research

Erin Green discusses the connection between indoor environmental quality and student achievement.


Business Marketing Techniques for Public Schools

There are more similarities than differences between private industry and public education.


What to Expect from Performance Contracting

Do you ever end a construction project feeling unsatisfied? It’s time to consider the higher expectations of performance contracting with Performance Services.


Communicating Energy Stewardship

Analyze the impact of energy usage or savings in terms of the Greenhouse Gas production.


Spring Forward - Six Energy Saving Techniques for K-12 Schools

At last, we are transitioning from Winter to Spring. As the season changes, there are many opportunities to save energy.