Tony Kuykendall

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Tony Kuykendall took charge of his destiny at age 11 and discovered an important insight about business success: great work makes for great client relationships. This insight was gained when he started his neighborhood lawn mowing business on the north side of Indianapolis and quickly grew it to 35 clients by consistently meeting and exceeding his clients’ expectations for quality service.  A high achiever in school as well, Tony played basketball, baseball and ran cross country in high school and attended Hanover College on an academic scholarship.

After graduation, he entered the financial services industry and spent three years as a licensed financial consultant at National City Investments. Tony originally met Tim Thoman when he knocked on his door at the age of 16 to secure a lawn mowing job. Then in 2007, Tim knocked on his door this time to invite Tony to join Performance Services as a business development manager and to focus on K-12 school renovations. He has worked on projects such as South Central School Corporation design-build ($7 million), MSD of New Durham design-build ($2.08 million), and East Porter County School Corporation guaranteed energy savings project ($7 million). Tony is passionate about meeting and exceeding client expectations 100% of the time.

Tony resides in Carmel with his wife Allison and his six children.

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