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City of Beeville

City of Beeville to implement energy savings performance contract

$5.1 million



Water Meters

$9.7 million

Savings / 20 Years

Project Description

The City of Beeville recently announced that they will replace all 5,192 of their existing water meters with new "smart meters" that will be connected to a secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network. This 21st-century technology will provide the City and residents with more visibility into their water usage and resources. For example, one of the features of the new system will allow the City to remotely monitor potential water leaks by setting up notifications when water usage exceeds certain thresholds. The project also includes improvements to critical City infrastructure, including new LED lighting, HVAC replacements, building controls, and power conditioning. 

The self-funding project creates positive cash flow from day 1 and the City expects to see a $9.7 million efficiency and operational savings over a 20-year time span making this a sound financial decision.

The project will utilize Master Meter, a global manufacturer of water meters that feature a new solid-state ultrasonic meter technology. Performance Services will also work with HydroPro Solutions, Premiere Partner and distributor for Master Meter. The smart meters will enable the City to reduce unaccounted water loss and to read water usage at the highest possible level of accuracy. The Master Meter Allegro AMI network is an RF communication network that will interface seamlessly with the City of Beeville's existing water customers and utility billing system. The network will capture meter data, such as water flow, reverse flow detection, and other operating data in real-time. 

Once the network is online, City of Beeville customers will have access to the My Water Advisor customer portal by Master Meter. This customer portal, which can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play, will provide residents of Beeville with real-time visibility into their water usage. The project is scheduled to commence installations Summer of 2020 with completion in Spring 2021.


Richard Gibbons

business development manager

My experience with Performance Services has been exceptional. I have been kept informed of the progress and the schedule for the upcoming work that is to be performed at our city facilities. Additionally, if I have had questions they are easily reachable and prompt in following back up with me.
John Benson
City Manager, City of Beeville
City of Beeville to Improve Performance and Service with Water Modernization Project