City of Lufkin, TX

Smart Infrastructure Project with AMI

  • $18,696,214

    Contract Total
  • 15,428

    Water Meters
  • Spring 2023


Project Description

After the winter storm in February 2021, the City of Lufkin quickly realized its need to improve its water infrastructure. The City partnered with Performance Services to expand its AMI system infrastructure to cover the entire City. As a result, 15,428 meters that are nine years or older will be upgraded to solid-state ultrasonic meters with advanced metering infrastructure. Additionally, the project includes a SCADA control system for all water and wastewater components, 12 pressure plane valves with remote monitoring and control, and ten large main valves with remote monitoring and control. The replacement of meters will give the City better control of the local water flow, which will be useful in preventing similar problems to those experienced during the winter freeze. It will also provide residents with real-time water usage data to better understand their water consumption and identify issues or leaks sooner.

Project Highlights

  • Installation of advanced metering infrastructure (15,428 meters)
  • SCADA control system
  • Installation of Tridium Niagara framework to provide a central interface for monitoring, control, and alarms
  • Connection of 60 systems (water plants, wells, lift stations, towers) and 22 distribution valves
  • 12 pressure plane valves
  • Ten large main valves
  • Online portal for customers to view and track water consumption data in real-time

Read more about the project in the Lufkin Daily News. 

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