Clark County Schools

Hybrid School Performance Contracting + Guaranteed Energy Savings


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Annual Guaranteed Savings

Project Description

Clark County Schools selected Performance Services to perform a hybrid school performance contract at Robert D. Campbell Junior High School and has since gained recognition for being the first known building to use smart, plug-and-play controllable chilled beam pump modules. The chilled beam approach will save $33,000 annually compared to the former unit ventilator system. The chilled beam design also enabled the reuse of 100% of the existing two-pipe system. After the successful 2016 project, the District implemented a second energy-focused project in 2017 and saved $243,656 in their first year.

Phase I Highlights

  • Replaced horizontal unit vents with active chilled beams in all classrooms
  • Upgraded interior lighting retrofit
  • Vending machine energy savings controls

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Phase II Highlights

  • Installed new central digital control system to increase energy efficiency and building comfort
  • Sealed building exteriors to control air and humidity leakage
  • Replaced horizontal unit ventilators with high-efficiency chilled beams in all classrooms at Baker Intermediate School
  • Installed interior and exterior LED Lighting retrofits across all buildings
  • Water conservation retrofits across all buildings


David Dowdell

Business Development Manager