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Hybrid School Performance Contracting + Guaranteed Energy Savings


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Annual Guaranteed Savings

Project Description

Clark County Schools selected Performance Services to perform a hybrid school performance contract at Robert D. Campbell Junior High School and has since gained recognition for being the first known building to use smart, plug-and-play controllable chilled beam pump modules. The chilled beam approach will save $33,000 annually compared to the former unit ventilator system. The chilled beam design also enabled the reuse of 100% of the existing two-pipe system. After the successful 2016 project, the District implemented a second energy-focused project in 2017 and saved $243,656 in their first year.

Phase I Highlights

  • Replaced horizontal unit vents with active chilled beams in all classrooms
  • Upgraded interior lighting retrofit
  • Vending machine energy savings controls

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Phase II Highlights

  • Installed new central digital control system to increase energy efficiency and building comfort
  • Sealed building exteriors to control air and humidity leakage
  • Replaced horizontal unit ventilators with high-efficiency chilled beams in all classrooms at Baker Intermediate School
  • Installed interior and exterior LED lighting retrofits across all buildings
  • Water conservation retrofits across all buildings


David Dowdell

David Dowdell

Business Development Manager

This project has created tremendous energy savings and the ability to provide 100% fresh air to our buildings for added safety and comfort for our students and staff—especially during COVID19.  Performance Services has worked closely with our staff to ensure our complete understanding of control system capabilities to benefit the District.
Paul Christy
Superintendent (Former), Clark County Public Schools