Marshall County Schools

Marshall County Schools Guaranteed Energy Savings Project

  • $10,614,873

    Contract Total
  • $434,097

    Guaranteed Annual Energy + Operational Savings
  • Oct 2019

    Completion Date

Project Description

Marshall County Schools needed to update their building systems and make them more energy-efficient. The District selected Performance Services to implement a guaranteed energy savings project that will result in $434,097 of guaranteed energy and operational savings on an annual basis. The project includes improvements to all district buildings.

Project Highlights

  • New air handling units and new high-efficiency condensing boilers and chillers
  • Added variable frequency drives to air handlers and pumps
  • Replaced domestic hot water heater with high-efficiency water heaters
  • Replaced rooftop HVAC units
  • Replaced lighting with new LED lighting
  • Replaced toilets, urinals, faucets, and other devices with low water flow devices
  • Weather-stripped doors and seal gaps to prevent outside air infiltration
  • Installed variable volume controls on the kitchen exhaust hoods and makeup air units
  • New controls on equipment and new control strategies for more efficient control
David Dowdell Business Development Manager
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