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Covington Schools Converted to 100% LED High Efficiency Lighting


Contract Value


Guaranteed Annual Energy Savings

Oct 2017

Completion Date

Project Overview

Covington Independent Public Schools was looking for a different, more transparent way to complete energy savings projects. Alvin Garrison, superintendent, and Eric Neff, personnel director, did extensive research on finding a qualified provider of guaranteed energy savings projects. Covington is the first district in the state of Kentucky to utilize the new Kentucky Purchasing Cooperative (KP) guaranteed energy savings price contract, and through a transparent, competitive selection process, awarded the $7,972,800 project to Performance Services. The benefits of the price contract delivery method include detailed engineering design, a defined scope before a contract, open-book pricing, and a flat cost structure without unnecessary markups.

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"We found that the KPC price contract delivery method provided the best bang for our buck. Unlike the traditional process used to execute energy savings projects, the price contract process demands scope details up front and transparent, open book pricing, eliminating unnecessary markups."

Eric Neff

personnel director, covington independent public schools

The guaranteed energy savings project meets the energy, efficiency, and safety needs of the District Facility Plan approved by the School Board in January 2016. It will bring much-needed improvements to all buildings throughout the school district, including an improved learning environment for students, enhanced maintenance and operations of facilities, and measured and verified energy savings. The largest portion of work was implemented at Ninth District Elementary School. The existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in this building, much of which is over 60 years old, was replaced and designed for both comfort and energy efficiency.

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Project Highlights

  • LED interior and exterior lighting retrofit on all buildings - reduced energy consumption by 1,077,144 kWh in the first year
  • Digital control system upgrade
  • Water conservation retrofit
  • Upgrade fans to variable speed motors
  • Replace chillers and pumps
  • Replace boilers and pumps
  • Replace rooftop units
  • Replace cooling towers

Complete HVAC Retrofit of Ninth District Elementary School

  • Replace all existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, much of which is 60 years old
  • Dual temperature design used for comfort and energy efficiency
  • Replace 59-year-old hot water boilers, and 25-year-old chillers and pumps
  • Replace 59-year-old horizontal unit ventilators with new dual temperature classroom unit ventilators
  • Replace gym and office units

Solar PV - 480 kW

  • Chapman Child Development Center rooftop mounted solar PV system/Duke net metering
  • John G. Carlisle Elementary School rooftop mounted solar PV system/Duke net metering


David Dowdell

Bob Wede

Business development manager

We appreciate Performance Services' commitment to ensuring all of our questions and concerns are addressed immediately. Throughout the project to date, we appreciated the open candid conversations regarding the various aspects of the project. Overall, we are very satisfied with the service and support Performance Services continues to provide!
Eric Neff
Personnel Director, Covington Independent Public Schools, Covington Independent Public Schools
Covington Independent Public Schools Reports Sustained Strong Utility Savings from Energy Project

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