East Porter County School Corporation

Energy Leadership & Guaranteed Energy Savings Project


Total Contract


Cumulative Annual Guarantee Energy & Operational Savings

Energy Star Certification

For All 4 Buildings

Project Description

Performance Services conducted a preliminary energy assessment for East Porter County School Corporation and discovered that considerable savings could be achieved through a guaranteed energy savings contract coupled with a behavior-based energy conservation program. In 2015, the school corporation chose PSI to complete a $7,036,121 energy savings project in addition to an Energy Leadership program. PSI assisted the district in hiring an energy manager to oversee the Energy Leadership program. After the first year of operation, as a result of the new facility improvements and the addition of an Energy Leadership program, East Porter saw an actual energy cost reduction of $239,253. All four buildings in the district have received the Energy Star certification.

Energy Star Press Release



Energy Savings

  • Installed high-efficiency boilers
  • Retro-commissioned existing controls system for all HVAC equipment for optimal performance and energy savings
  • Installed new variable speed vertical ducted unit ventilators in classrooms
  • Installed variable speed drives on motors
  • Replaced air handling units with new direct drive units
  • Installed new controls where necessary to tie into existing controls system
  • Lighting upgrades

Other Facility Improvements

  • Bathroom and locker room renovations
  • Ceiling replacement and new interior lighting
  • Main hall flooring at Morgan Township Schools
  • Roofing restorations and replacements


  • Developed energy use guidelines to set expectations and assisted in hiring the effective Energy Manager
  • Implemented a district-wide student engagement program including a Jr. Energy Saver program, energy saving checklists, a classroom certification program, and an Energy Saver Logo Contest for middle school and high school students
  • Conducted an elementary student convocation, complete with a children’s ventriloquist, to educate students about the importance of energy management at school and home


  • Electricity Savings: 25.9%
  • Natural Gas Savings: 24.8%
  • Saved 34% BTUs District-wide
  • Total Cost Avoidance Savings: 25.7%


Tony Kuykendall

Tony Kuykendall

Business Development Manager


Mike Lindsey

Mike Lindsey

Energy Leader

Including Energy Leadership in this project made a huge difference in our energy savings. It held us to a higher level of responsibility, oversight, and follow-up that allowed East Porter County Schools to see savings above and beyond what a simple mechanical renovation would have achieved.
Rod Gardin
Superintendent, East Porter County School Corporation

Three Parts of a Successful School Building Energy Assessment

By setting these three expectations with a qualified provider, you can ensure a valuable and fruitful building assessment.