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Faced with significant budget challenges, FWCS approved a plan to implement a strategic approach to energy conservation by increasing focus and awareness around energy consumption and simple behavioral changes. 


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"Performance Services' professionalism, expertise, program guidance and customer support provided us with everything we needed to successfully launch and sustain our District's prospering Energy Leadership initiative."

Steve Smethers

Fort wayne community schools energy manager - Retired


The FWCS Energy Leadership program has exceeded all program goals and produced a net energy savings exceeding $10 million since 2011.


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"The results of the Energy Leadership program have far exceeded our original expectations and will provide much needed relief to the general fund."

Kathy Friend

chief financial officer


  • 23% reduction in energy
  • Improved thermal comfort and the learning environment
  • 65,523,432 kWh of electricity saved
  • 2,224,754 therms of natural gas saved
  • $669,405 in utility rebates and energy incentives
  • Qualified 23 buildings to earn the Energy Star label


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"I highly recommend the Energy Leadership program over just trying to save energy by cutting back on the thermostats, it takes everyone's buy-in for the program to work; and that is what Performance Services has helped us do, educate our users to be smart users of energy without harming the educational environment our students at FWCS deserve."

Darren P. Hess

Director of Facilities

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Meet our Energy Leader


Mike Lindsey

Mike Lindsey joined Performance Services in 2010, bringing with him 14 years of experience working as an owner’s representative on 15 major construction, addition and HVAC renovation projects. Mike leads the Performance Assurance and Energy Leadership teams.

Mike Lindsey

performance assurance and energy leadership manager

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Flipping The Switch on Energy Savings

To leave the lights on or to turn them off, that is the question. I am frequently asked if turning off lights and electronics can actually save money and energy.