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Performance Services helps schools, colleges and universities lower utility costs and create leadership and engagement opportunities for students. By considering the interrelated and dynamic aspects of technology, process, and people, we help education create sustainable change and reduce campus carbon footprints.

 Energy Leadership Program Elements



Begins with a commitment to change from senior leadership and an Impact Assessment. We work collaboratively with campus stakeholders to identify your energy baseline, set goals, and execute a plan for your unique energy conservation objectives.


step 2: leadership with focus

We help you hire the right Sustainability Manager based on a talent profile and our years of experience and provide through training on energy leadership and management concepts with organizational change techniques.


step 3: student engagement

People use energy, not buildings, so the awareness and cooperation of all campus stakeholders is improvement to create an impact and a sustainable program. Your Sustainability Manager will provide personalized and appropriate communication program messages to your stakeholders.


step 4: Measurable impact

Using your energy management system and utility management software, your Sustainability Manager will work with our performance assurance experts to monitor, analyze, and report energy data to raise awareness of energy consumption and inform decisions without sacrificing comfort. We provide implementation and training on our non-proprietary energy management software.

Each Energy Leadership Program Includes:

  • No Capital Outlay and Budget Neutral
  • Comprehensive Impact Assessment
  • Average Program Savings of 20-30 percent
  • Lower Campus Carbon Footprint
  • No Adjustments for Load Creep 

The program is easy to enter with significant energy savings as a tangible and immediate reward. The savings achieved can be turned into extra available operating fund dollars while helping to protect our environment.


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The results of the Energy Leadership program have far exceeded our original expectations and will provide much needed relief to the general fund.

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