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Finding our customers significant and tangible savings.

Energy Star certifications and the school board

The Performance Services Energy Leadership Program helps our customers make significant energy-related savings by developing their own expert internal resource. We work with our customer stakeholders to develop a strategic energy plan to maximize savings with the equipment they already have. We then identify the right Energy Manager talent for the customer’s team and equip them with the training required to realize the benefits identified in the plan.

 Four-Step Process



We will work with you to identify baseline energy performance, carry out a comprehensive analysis of each facility and behavior of the people who use it, set goals, and develop a roll-out plan for your customized energy conservation objectives.


step 2: leadership with focus

To give the program focus and momentum, we help you appoint the right leader - your dedicated Energy Manager - and then provide thorough training on energy management concepts and organizational change techniques.


step 3: communication

To drive your stakeholder awareness and participation, your Energy Manager, with our guidance, will provide personalized and timely messages in person, as well as through print and digital media. This will inform and involve all your identified stakeholders.


step 4: Measurement & Verification

Using your energy management system and utility management software, your energy manager and our performance assurance experts will monitor, analyze and report timely data. This will be used to uncover savings opportunities, raise awareness and inform key energy consumption decisions.

Each Energy Leadership Program Includes:

  • No requirement for capital outlays
  • Development of your own sustainable in-house energy savings expertise
  • Reduction in utility bills often in the range of 20-30%
  • Potential to earn the ENERGY STAR label of excellence
  • No adjustments for Load Creep 

The program is easy to enter, budget neutral, and with significant energy savings as a tangible and immediate reward. The savings achieved can be turned into extra available operating fund dollars while helping to protect our environment.


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The results of the Energy Leadership program have far exceeded our original expectations and will provide much needed relief to the general fund.

Kathy Friend