Grant County Schools

Guaranteed Energy Savings Project using the Kentucky Price Contract


Contract Total


First Year Guaranteed Utility Savings

Dec 2021

Estimated Completion

Project Description

In fall 2020, Grant County Schools selected Performance Services to complete an energy savings performance contracting project utilizing the KY price contract procurement method. The customer’s main goal with the project is to upgrade facilities and the learning environment for students and staff while funding this project through energy savings.

The project scope allows the district to upgrade its facilities while meeting its financial expectations. The project includes replacing the outdated HVAC system at an elementary school, addressing comfort issues in the gym and cafeteria with air conditioning, and upgrading the district’s building control system across all buildings. Additional project improvements include interior and exterior LED lighting, building envelope improvements, transformer replacement, water conservation, controls for the diesel engine block heaters, telecommunication upgrades, and energy leadership.

Project Highlights

  • Upgrade HVAC system at the elementary school
  • Address comfort issues by adding air conditioning to the gym and installing a new HVAC unit to serve the cafeteria
  • Implement a district-wide controls upgrade
  • Install interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Implement building envelope improvements
  • Water conservation measures
  • Install telecommunication upgrades
  • Energy Leadership Program



David Dowdell Headshot

David Dowdell

Business Development Manager