Hamilton Southeastern School District Phase I-II

Building Controls-Focused Project Achieves Dramatic Energy Savings




Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings


Completion Date

Project Description

Hamilton Southeastern School District is one of the largest districts in Indiana with an estimated 21,000 students and 21 school buildings. In 2009, the District was experiencing high energy costs and comfort issues due to ineffective controls programming sequences and other associated issues that caused noise, temperature fluctuation and uneven air distribution in the classrooms.

With a focus on maximizing energy savings, Performance Services was selected to implement a guaranteed energy contract, identifying needs and solutions that have saved the district more than $7 million to date. By re-commissioning the control systems, optimizing programming sequences, and installing select high-efficiency equipment, each classroom benefits from an optimal learning environment. The majority of improvements were completed while school was in session with no disturbance to students. Dramatic energy savings is evidenced through measured and verified gas bill tracking and electrical usage.

Project Highlights

  • Converted constant volume reheat systems to variable air volume (VAV systems)
  • Installed new digital controllers on existing VAV reheat boxes
  • Optimization of control sequences
  • Installed CO2 sensors on air handling units to ensure levels are below 1000 PPM with outside air dampers at minimum position
  • Installed variable speed drives on single zone units and constant volume reheat units
  • Retrofit existing inefficient lighting systems with energy efficient lamps and electronic ballasts
  • High efficiency condensing boilers installed
  • Replaced obsolete pneumatic controls with new digital building automation system tied to the District's web-based controls system


Photo of Bob Wede


Bob Wede

business development manager

The biggest issue for me that sets Performance Services apart is the fact that they use open book pricing. They clearly identify what costs are associated with the project and share that cost with us. Some of the other providers I have worked with keep those costs hidden. I could not evaluate whether we were getting good value for our investment with other providers.
Harry Delks
Facilities Manager, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

The Impact of Building Automation Controls: A K-12 School District Example

With a focus on improving the learning environment and reducing electric and gas utility costs, Hamilton Southeastern Schools implemented a guaranteed energy savings project that produced a dramatic net savings of $5 million.