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In 2005, Haverhill Elementary was the least energy efficient out of 10 buildings at Southwest Allen County Schools based on cost per square foot. Originally built in 1981 with a traditional central plant, it had a water cooled chiller and inefficient and oversized boilers. The chiller/cooling tower combination was expensive to operate, had outlived its usefulness, and was in dire need of replacement.


After reviewing multiple options from different providers, a unique and innovative geothermal system proposed by Performance Services was clearly the best overall solution. The hybrid design utilizes much of the existing air and water distribution-saving significant dollars. The geothermal system relies on a heat recovery chiller (rather than heat pumps) and a vertical well field for central plant heating and cooling needs.


Mike Lindsey

“Southwest Allen County Schools has a district-wide commitment to energy conservation and cost containment. As a result, we elected to go with a geothermal system for our two new elementary school buildings. Their high performance led us to pursue a unique geothermal solution offered by Performance Services when renovating Haverhill Elementary. Before the project, Haverhill was our least efficient school in terms of energy use, but now the school is 34% more energy efficient and the clean energy solution has reduced energy costs at Haverhill by $28,837 in 2008 alone.”

Mike Lindsey

Former Director of maintenance Services


Bob Wede

Bob Wede

Business Development Manager