Bell County EXPO Center – Central Texas

Infrastructure Improvement and Energy Efficiency Project

  • $3,989,822

    Contract Total
  • 50%

    Projected kWh Savings
  • Aug 2015

    Completion Date

Project Description

The Bell County EXPO Center is a 6,600 seat multi-purpose arena in Belton, TX, located along the I-35 corridor between Dallas and Austin. With a major expansion planned for the near future, facility management identified infrastructure issues that needed immediate attention. Performance Services worked in partnership with Heat Transfer Solutions, Inc. on repair and replacement upgrades to address both infrastructure and energy efficiency improvements. Projected kWh savings is estimated at 1,300,064 or approximately 50 percent reduction from the baseline of 2,642,928 kWh. Client comfort was maintained in all EXPO facilities during the entire project, encompassing more than 250 events.

Project Highlights

Partnered with Heat Transfer Solutions, Inc., Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Contractor License # TACLA00062036C, Lighting Technologies, LP, Electrical Contractor License # 19229, and R K Bass Electric, Inc., Electrical Contractor # 17118, for the implementation of the following electrical and HVAC solutions:

  • Provided connection for and utilized a temporary chiller to satisfy facility cooling load while existing chilled water plant was replaced.
  • Replacement of metal halide, fluorescent and incandescent lighting with high efficiency LED lighting.
  • Installation of power conditioning equipment that will provide surge suppression and power factor correction. It will also filter out excess harmonics that waste electrical energy and cause unnecessary heat build up.
  • Replacement of the existing central plant with a high efficiency modular central plant.
  • Conversion of constant volume air handling to variable air volume in order to modulate air delivery to match EXPO conditioning load.
  • Replaced missing and damaged hot water and chilled water pipe insulation at air handling units.
  • Lowered the total system pressure drop within the air handling units by installing high capacity, low pressure, drop pleated air filters.
  • Installed a direct digital control, open protocol building automation system to control HVAC systems. This project included eliminating the existing pneumatic control system. The result is optimized control and scheduling of HVAC equipment.
  • Installation of weather stripping on building doors.
  • Realized utility rebates of $90,000 and annual operational and maintenance savings of $66,500.
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