Marshall County Schools

Marshall County Schools Guaranteed Energy Savings Project


Contract Total


Guaranteed Annual Energy + Operational Savings

Oct 2019

Completion Date

Project Description

Marshall County Schools needed to update their building systems and make them more energy-efficient. The District selected Performance Services to implement a guaranteed energy savings project that will result in $434,097 of guaranteed energy and operational savings on an annual basis. The project includes improvements to all district buildings.


  • New air handling units and new high-efficiency condensing boilers and chillers 
  • Added variable frequency drives to air handlers and pumps
  • Replaced domestic hot water heater with high-efficiency water heaters
  • Replaced rooftop HVAC units
  • Replaced lighting with new LED lighting
  • Replaced toilets, urinals, faucets, and other devices with low water flow devices
  • Weather-stripped doors and seal gaps to prevent outside air infiltration
  • Installed variable volume controls on the kitchen exhaust hoods and makeup air units
  • New controls on equipment and new control strategies for more efficient control


David Dowdell

Dave Dowdell

Business Development Manager

We were able to replace aging equipment that otherwise would not have been replaced except under an emergency situation. Performance Services solved that by helping us pay for those upgrades through cost savings over a period of time. What sets Performance Services apart is the value they brought. When we looked at what we were getting for the price compared to what we were not getting at the lower price of others, it was a 'no-brainer' if you have the bonding capacity. Additionally, their open book pricing model sets them apart and allows for transparency. We knew exactly what we were getting, no surprises.
Danny Davis
District Project Manager, Marshall County Schools