Memphis Community Schools

Guaranteed Energy Savings Project

  • $1,208,380

    Total Contract
  • October 2018

    Completion Date
  • $43,428

    Annual Guaranteed Energy and Operational Savings

Project Description

Memphis Community Schools contracted with Performance Services to install energy-efficiency upgrades at Memphis Elementary School and Memphis High School with the goal of improving their overall learning environment. The project was completed in less than five months with no cost overruns. Improvements included the installation of LED lighting fixtures, occupancy sensors, a secure entryway, a new high-efficiency boiler, and new hot water pumps among others. The guaranteed energy savings project generated long-term savings and energy efficiency that will allow Memphis Community Schools to better focus on their mission of education.

Project Highlights

  • Installed new LED lights in classrooms and parking lot. Classroom lighting levels increased with new LED lamps
  • Installed occupancy sensors in the gym, restrooms, multipurpose room, conference rooms, and other common areas
  • Installed secure entrance with manually operated door strike at Memphis High School requiring anyone entering the school to check in at the office before being allowed access to the school
  • Replaced outdated energy management system at Memphis Elementary School with a web-based, graphics-driven energy management system
  • Installed new high-efficiency boiler at Memphis Elementary School
  • Installed new hot water pump with high-efficiency motors and variable frequency drives at Memphis Elementary School
  • Installed fiber cement board exterior paneling system and insulation at Memphis Elementary school where existing stucco was removed due to a roof leak
  • Installed new motorized bleachers at Memphis Elementary School that meet ADA and insurance requirements
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