St Joseph County

Guaranteed Energy Savings Project with Energy Leadership Program

  • $10,139,138

  • 31%

    Energy Use Reduction
  • $1,343,631

    Annual Energy and Operational Savings

Project Description

St. Joseph County is located in South Bend, Indiana, and is the sixth most populous county in the state with an estimated population of 267,000. The County issued a Request for Qualifications for a Guaranteed Energy Savings project with the objective to address high utility and operating costs. Performance Services was selected and worked closely with the County and its independent energy consultant, Jon Burke, to reach agreement in July 2017 on a scope of work with the greatest potential for energy and operational savings.  The project included energy upgrades to 11 buildings along with replacing streetlights. This project will have a NET ZERO budget impact over the term of the bond.


  • High-efficiency lighting
  • Replace, add or optimize building control systems
  • New boilers and chillers
  • Variable frequency drives
  • New lighting and security/fire system at Portage Manor
  • New building control system at the History Museum
  • Complete HVAC retrofit at the Juvenile Justice Center
  • Extensive upgrade to Bendix Woods HVAC system
  • New high efficiency lighting and new well and pump house for St. Patrick’s Park


  • Water control technology, low flow plumbing fixtures, flush valves, and faucet aerators


  • New Energy Conservation Manager will provide focus and continual monitoring to ensure the County buildings achieve maximum utility savings while ensuring occupant comfort

St. Joseph County Recognized for Outstanding Energy Savings Project

Tony Kuykendall Business Development Manager
Phil Yuska Director of Engineering
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