New Trier HSD 203

Energy Savings Project with Solar

  • $3,833,503

    Contract Total
  • 1.02 MW

    Solar Power
  • April 2024

    Completion Date

Project Description

New Trier High School District 203 serves about 4,000 students in the Chicagoland area. In December 2022, the District partnered with Performance Services to design and install a solar installation to help offset energy costs. The best solution for the District was a roof-mounted solar installation at New Trier High School – Northfield Campus. Together, the arrays total 1.02MW and will generate over $5 million in savings through reduced energy costs, rebates, incentives, and renewable energy credits. The District received a utility rebate from ComEd totaling $255,000 and anticipates an Inflation Reduction Act incentive of $1,150,051. Further, the District will receive renewable energy credits (RECs) that will act as a source of income. The credits represent the environmental benefits of the solar system, and the District can sell the credits to utility companies that need them to meet certain state-mandated requirements. The expected revenue from the sale of the renewable energy credits is $828,607.

Project Highlights

  • 1.02 MW roof-mounted solar installation
  • Utility Rebates: $255,000
  • Renewable Energy Credits: $828,607
  • Inflation Reduction Act – Investment Tax Credit: $1,150,051
Kurt Hintz
Kurt Hintz Business Development Manager
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