Noblesville Schools Solar

Solar Project to Enhance Classroom Learning Opportunities for Students

1.985 MW (DC)

Total Solar Arrays


Net Savings Over 30 Years

October 2020

Completion Date

Project Description

In 2019, Noblesville Schools partnered with Performance Services to design and install four solar arrays throughout the district. The solar fields, located at White River Elementary, Promise Road Elementary, Noblesville West Middle School, and the district's Transportation Center, will provide almost all of the energy used by those facilities and generate $7,993,515 in net savings over 30 years. 

In addition to the energy savings, the solar panels provide a unique, hands-on learning opportunity for students. Students will be able to observe and study energy use of the solar panels as an extension of their classroom learning. 

Project Highlights

Noblesville West Middle School

  • 998.4 kW (DC)
  • 98% building energy use offset

Bus Garage/Transportation Center

  • 328 kW (DC)
  • 96.4% building energy use offset

Promise Road Elementary

  • 328 kW (DC)
  • 100% building energy use offset

White River Elementary School

  • 331.2 kW (DC)
  • 94.5% building energy use offset


Nick Allen, National Solar Director

Nick Allen

National Solar Director


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