North Adams Community Schools One Campus Project

One Campus Design-Build Project

$35 million


62,000 S.F.

Bellmont Elementary School Addition

Fall 2019

Completion Date

Project Description

North Adams Community Schools commenced a One Campus Project that will include a new Bellmont Elementary School and major improvements to Bellmont High School and Bellmont Middle School. The project is set for completion by Fall 2019.


North Adams Community Schools Logo

"Whether you are a student, parent, family member, staff, School Board member or resident of the community, you are impacted by education—and our school district. We are confident that this project will truly represent our community’s genuine desire to invest into the education of our students and our future, and will demonstrate positive effects on the delivery of our educational services to our students and school community."

Brent Lehman


Groundbreaking Press Release


Project Highlights

  • New Bellmont Elementary School addition to the campus
  • Active and collaborative learning environments
  • Interior renovations and reconfiguration of learning spaces
  • Infrastructure improvements to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Site and traffic improvements


Bob Wede

Bob Wede

business development manager


Nick Allen

Nick Allen

business development manager


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