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Project Description

In 2016, Plainfield Community School Corporation recognized the need for significant facility improvements. After a competitive bidding process, the Corporation selected Performance Services to implement a guaranteed energy savings project which will address the facility improvements in addition to energy savings measures at Brentwood Elementary School, Clarks Creek Elementary School, and Plainfield Community Middle School. The project occurred throughout the summer of 2017 with completion in December 2017.

Project Scope

All School Buildings

  • Installed air-cooled chillers and high-efficiency boilers
  • New hot water pumps with variable speed drives
  • New hot water and chilled water piping installed
  • Air handling units in gymnasium and cafeteria areas
  • Controls upgrade to vendor-independent Tridium system
  • New vertical unit ventilators in specified classrooms
  • Replaced cabinet unit heaters
  • Replaced exhaust/relief fans
  • LED lighting
  • Performed air and water balance on new equipment
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Ceiling replacements

Clarks Creek Elementary School

  • Imagination Lab renovation including locker room area reconfiguration
  • Administration area renovation including a secure entrance
  • Modifed/renovated existing computer labs into classroom areas and move computer labs
  • Guidance area renovations
  • Door hardware replacement
  • Window replacement
  • New domestic water heaters

Brentwood Elementary School

  • Sanitary and domestic piping replacement
  • Sidewalk repair/replacement
  • New high-efficiency domestic water heaters

Plainfield Community Middle School

  • Orchestra area renovations
  • Domestic water heater and galvanized piping replacement
  • Doors, frames, hardware, and toilet partition replacements
  • Window replacement


Steve Thoman, Business Development Manager

Steve Thoman

Business development manager

Before this project began, my expectations were that the projects would be delivered per design, on time and on budget; with minimal disruption to our mission. To date, I have not been disappointed.
Jud Wolfe
Assistant Superintendent (Former), Plainfield Community School Corporation

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