Jennings County Schools Earn Energy Star

North Vernon, IN. Jennings County Schools implemented a comprehensive energy management plan that has reduced its total energy consumption by 33% during the past year, saving 3 million kWh of electricity. As a result, Jennings has achieved the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® symbol of environmental excellence at all eight school buildings in the corporation. The ENERGY STAR® awards will be presented at the February 22, 2016 School Board meeting.

Jennings has saved $397,753 during a 12-month period while assuring an optimal learning environment. Also, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 2,069 metric tons, equivalent to the emissions of 436 passenger vehicles or the emissions from energy use of 189 homes for a single year.

The energy management initiative at Jennings started in 2000 when Jennings County Schools partnered with Performance Services on a comprehensive energy analysis and Guaranteed Energy Savings project at the Early Learning Center. The results of the project were so successful that this led to additional energy savings improvement projects including: a 2001 project at Brush Creek Elementary, a 2006 project at Jennings Middle School, a 2007 project at Jennings High School, and a 2014 fast-track summer renovation project at three schools: Graham Creek, Hayden and North Vernon Elementary Schools. The renovations included upgrades to the heating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) and digital control systems for the HVAC systems, all installed through a guaranteed energy savings contract.

Additionally, the school corporation moved to save even more energy by implementing an Energy Leadership Program in 2013, a behavior-based energy management program provided by Performance Services. “Two years ago, the Jennings County School Corporation contracted with Performance Services, in an effort to cut additional energy waste and save funds for the school district.  It took all of us (JCSC faculty and staff) to the make this Energy Leadership project such a huge success.” Dr. Terry R. Sargent, Superintendent.

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“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to work with Jennings County Schools and to help them become an ENERGY STAR® school district. This certification is due to a concerted effort by the School Board, administration, faculty, and all staff members to be cost conscious. Every energy dollar saved is a dollar that can go back into the classroom. Jennings County Schools serves as an example for what can be done with a focused energy management program.”

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Performance Services is an Indiana-based design-build engineering company that specializes in constructing and renovating schools, universities and healthcare facilities to deliver optimal environments through both the Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract and Design-Build procurement methods. Innovative solar power systems are integral to the energy services portfolio. The company has provided energy solutions to clients since 1998 and is the leading qualified provider of guaranteed energy savings projects, Energy Leadership programs and Energy Star® labeled schools in Indiana.

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