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Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

boilers and pipes in boiler room

Performance Services is the leading provider of guaranteed energy savings projects in our markets. Our approach is defined by two elements: the performance and the guarantee. As far as performance is concerned, we don’t work with theoretical or approximate numbers. We look closely at customer utility bills over the last 12 months or more to discover your real consumption of gas, electricity and/or water. With this benchmark and our proposed energy conservation measures, we make projections and define a new baseline of anticipated future energy consumption. The difference between past and projected future energy use forms the basis of the contract.

After project completion for measured and verified contracts, our performance assurance monitoring starts. On a monthly basis, we compare your utility bills with our guarantee to make sure that your savings are actually being realized. Monitoring is ongoing and lasts the life of the contract. And we don’t just look at energy consumption – crucial though that is. For HVAC renovations, we examine the run-time data to make sure that mechanical systems are running for the correct length of time for the customer. We never distort performance data by turning equipment off or altering temperature set points just to meet targets.

Benefits of Guaranteed Energy Savings:



We guarantee the savings performance outcome in hard cash terms. And here’s where our guarantee has real teeth. If the indicated energy savings are not achieved in practice, Performance Services will cut you a check to their equivalent value. If the indicated energy savings are overachieved, you keep the extra.

So guaranteed performance is just that: guaranteed. For the life of the contract. That’s the promise we make and the promise we keep.



At Performance Services, we believe in total transparency for services rendered, including a choice of subcontractors and line-item pricing. Our "true" open book pricing provides the owner with interactive and fully competitive pricing for all cost categories. This ensures the owner is getting the best value with the reassurance they deserve.


no change orders

Performance Services takes responsibility for any oversight within the scope of the proposed project. We have a track record of commitment to no change orders within the agreed scope of work. At Performance Services, our word is our bond, and we want to maintain excellent relationships with our customers.



At Performance Services, we pride ourselves on the work it takes to deliver high performing buildings. Being a leading qualified guaranteed energy savings provider for Energy Star® buildings, we provide the support needed to receive this certification.

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