Energy Savings Performance Contracts: A Budget-Neutral Solution 

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Public owners can use energy savings performance contracting to finance energy-focused infrastructure projects, including solar. This flexible funding alternative helps schools, universities, cities, towns, counties, and state governments use energy savings and avoid capital costs to address deferred maintenance and pay for improvements. As a result, no up-front capital is required. Projects are financed and repaid with guaranteed energy and efficiency savings. 

How To Get Started with an Energy Savings Performance Contract

The Performance Contracting process is not complicated. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your facilities. Follow these simple steps to get started.



We conduct a thorough review of your buildings, considering your priorities, desired timing, and budget needs. Our talented and experienced engineers provide creative insights to identify maximum savings potential. This includes examining utility bills to provide a benchmark of how much energy you are using and savings potential. 


2. request for qualifications or cooperative purchasing

Public entities follow a request for qualifications process using ESPC legislation. Cooperative purchasing (such as TIPS) may also be an option for your state. An investment-grade audit follows selection to detail the project, including energy conservation measures, project costs, and guaranteed savings.


3. project implementation

After designs are finalized and the guarantee determined, our project manager will lead construction to complete your project on budget and on schedule. Your customer experience with our team before, during, and after project completion is critically important to us. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations.


4. measurement and verification

Our dedicated Performance Assurance Team is introduced at project turnover. On a monthly basis, we compare your utility bills with our guarantee to make sure that your savings are being realized. Monitoring is ongoing and lasts the life of the contract. We also utilize data analytics and examine equipment run-time data to make sure your mechanical systems are performing well.


5. Savings guarantee

Performance Services provides an annual savings review and report as evidence of our promise to assure we are meeting or exceeding the guarantee. We believe in a long-term commitment to our customers and fulfilling our promises--always.


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Benefits of Working with Performance Services


Project costs are 100% financed and are repaid with guaranteed savings and revenue increases. Financing options are available.


We guarantee the savings performance outcome in hard cash terms. And here’s where our guarantee has real teeth: if the indicated energy savings are not achieved in practice, Performance Services will cut you a check to their equivalent value. If the indicated energy savings are overachieved, you keep the extra. So guaranteed performance is just that: guaranteed, for the life of the contract. That’s the promise we make and keep.


At Performance Services, we believe in total transparency for services rendered, including a choice of subcontractors and line-item pricing. Our true open book pricing provides the owner with interactive and fully competitive pricing for all cost categories. This ensures the owner is getting the best value with the reassurance they deserve.


Performance Services takes responsibility for any oversight within the scope of the proposed project. We have a track record of commitment to no change orders within the agreed scope of work. At Performance Services, our word is our bond, and we want to maintain excellent relationships with our customers.


At Performance Services, we pride ourselves on the work it takes to deliver high-performing buildings, that's why we believe in ENERGY STAR, a rigorous performance-based recognition that includes environmental criteria as certified by our professional engineers. Being a leading qualified provider for ENERGY STAR buildings, we bring the support needed to earn this recognition and proof of a high-performing building. 

For more information about working with our team, please contact us today.


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