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Design-Build Construction 

At Performance Services, our company was founded on the belief that an integrated approach to designing and constructing projects leads to high-quality, cost-effective, and timely outcomes. We bring together a cohesive team of architectural designers, engineers, and project managers to safeguard against disconnects – no "gaps or holes" – between the design and construction process. This approach allows for optimization of both building performance and cost by allowing team members working in various disciplines to take advantage of efficiencies that may not be apparent if they are working in isolation. Excellent and consistent owner communication is also emphasized throughout the process.

Design-build construction collage of finished schools

Why Partner with Performance Services?

Performance Services is a fully integrated Design-Builder for education and local government projects with successful projects ranging from $1 million to $90 million. Over the past 24 years, we have developed best practices to provide a unified team approach and successful project results. Owners who have experienced design-build delivery say that project success starts and ends with "the WHO." As such, team selection is more important than any other aspect when delivering a successful new construction or major renovation project. We believe our people and teaming partners are our greatest strength.

We provide design-build services for facility master plans, renovations, and new construction. Our specialty is high-performance buildings, optimal learning environments, and smart city infrastructure renewal. Solar power is also an integral part of our portfolio of services. We are a local builder with a national reach and a reputation that consistently offers the best value and an excellent customer experience.

What is Progressive Design-Build?

Featured Podcast: Big County Jail on a Small County Budget

Tipton County needed to replace an old, overcrowded jail that no longer met their needs. The County selected the fastest growing delivery method, progressive design-build, to design and construct a new jail facility incorporating innovative and critical features and classifications. Hear from Tipton County's Sheriff, Tony Frawley, award-winning Architect, Joe Mrak, and the design-builder about how Tipton County built a big county jail on a small county budget.

What are Fast Track Construction Schedules?

Fast-track summer renovations are an efficient and effective way to get facility improvements completed while the buildings remain unoccupied. But ensuring a fast-track delivery process comes down to using the correct delivery method and the correct team. Finding the right partner will ensure that the work is performed on a faster schedule without sacrificing quality, and utilizing the design-build method can ensure just that.

Warsaw Community Schools Design-Build Timeline

What are the Benefits of Design-Build?

Our integrated design and delivery approach "best practices" consistently deliver successful projects on time and on budget that meet exacting performance standards and guarantees. We continually improve our processes by conducting project reviews on every completed project to identify what we did well and areas that should be reformed. This rigorous analysis of projects has enabled us to refine our design-build processes in order to deliver high-performing buildings at a very competitive price.


owner risk is shifted to design-builder

Design-builder has one contract with the Owner and sole accountability for performance. Funding limits are always a factor. We understand fixed budgets and have a value-based feedback process that makes the most of the project budget. Our projects are proven to come in under budget and with no change orders within the agreed-to scope. Change orders add costs and cause delays. Both risks are eliminated with design-build.

Learn more about project cost control from the Noblesville Schools Facility Improvement Project.


reduced project schedule

Hard stops and fixed move-in dates are the reality of a school calendar, so project schedule overruns have ripple-effect consequences that have costs beyond just money. Our design-build process features a parallel project schedule and exceptional team communication that supports aggressive project schedules. We always deliver on time.

The Beech Grove City Schools project was completed in 5 months with the addition of 10,091 square feet.


improved construction quality

Value-based project feedback is central to achieving a project outcome that meets owner expectations. We work very closely with our design and construction team members in a collegial environment that encourages communication. This collaboration ensures that there are no gaps or holes throughout the design and construction process.

Central to our team is owner control to ensure design meets expectations every step of the way. We explore options and choose methods and materials that maximize quality and owner value.  

Superintendent Tim Somers talks about the dramatic improvement of their learning environments at Tri-Township Consolidated School Corporation.


customer satisfaction

Fulfilling our promises and commitments to customers always takes priority over making money. We value long-term relationships and work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Our team understands that quality performance and value is defined and determined by the customer. Employees are empowered to fulfill our promises regardless of the cost.

Hear from the Superintendent, Ron Green, about the customer satisfaction at Shenandoah School Corporation.


What about Design-Bid-Build or CM at Risk (CMAR)?

The traditional, lowest-bidder approach to new construction or building renovation projects features separated lines of project responsibility. An architect creates the plans, and a general contractor is selected for physical delivery. On large or complex projects, there can be many different, low-bid contractors involved from planning through final delivery. 

Inevitably, issues and disputes can occur between the many different players. When they do, the customer has to resolve them. Blame for gaps between plans and specifications or design disconnects can be passed around, sometimes for months. There is no single point of complete responsibility and accountability. Budgets, schedules, and the customer's own credibility can be at risk. Change orders are a reality that require both more time and money.

In contrast, our integrated design and delivery of new construction and renovation projects keep customers firmly in control of project outcomes with real performance guarantees.

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Design-Build Case Study: Avon Intermediate School East

The Avon Community School Corporation recognized a need to upgrade the facilities at Avon Intermediate School East to bring them up to date and reconfigure the building to support current and anticipated STEM-focused programs. Learn more about the project.