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After a two-year due diligence selection process, the City of Mission selected Performance Services to replace and modernize its commercial and residential water meters, helping them move forward to be a Smart-City. The $16.7 million water project will significantly improve operational efficiencies of their water utility, lower electricity usage by more than $1.2 million annually, and allow the City’s commercial and residential customers to see their water usage data in real-time, for the first time.

This technology, which has been deployed at 900+ other cities and water utilities globally, will help the City of Mission, and its residents, to proactively engage in water conservation. Other benefits include improved billing accuracy, reduced costs of meter reading and field visits, better outage and leakage information, guaranteed savings, and energy conservation.

Throughout the life of the project, these 21st-century improvements will generate over $38 million in revenues and savings for the City of Mission. That is more than enough project-driven financial benefits to fully fund the project as well as leave an additional $10 million net savings to be used for other city needs.

This project will utilize Sensus, a Xylem brand, which is a global provider of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems and metering technologies. Performance Services' implementation of the robust Sensus FlexNet AMI communication network utilizes a powerful, long-range radio signal to transmit water utility data from the field, directly to city hall. This scalable communication technology connects water meters with powerful analytics to a secure, uninterrupted network, giving the City of Mission the tools needed to optimize its processes and provide proactive customer service. Additionally, an online portal will allow City of Mission customers to view, manage, and track their water usage.

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Project Highlights

  • Installation of advanced metering infrastructure (28,821 residential and commercial water meters)
  • Online portal for customers to view and track water consumption data in real-time
  • LED lighting replacement throughout 25 city facilities


Jonathan Blackwell

Jonathan Blackwell

National Director of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, LEED AP

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