Noblesville Schools Facility Improvement: Phase 1

One of Indiana's Largest Design-Build K-12 Renovation Projects

$36 million




15 months

Speed of Delivery

Project Description

Performance Services was selected to complete a $36 million design-build project at Noblesville Schools. With 8 schools in total, there were 15 separate additions, 37 classrooms added, and 63 renovated classrooms. From the beginning of construction, 6 buildings were completed in 6 months with the other 2 buildings completed on schedule. The speed of delivery is only one benefit for the school district as the project was completed under budget and with no change orders. 


  • Completed under budget
  • No change orders or additional cost to Noblesville Schools
  • Noblesville High School: $1 million under the 2008 plan-spec proposed project budget with the 2010 design-build project providing additional scope, including classrooms, technology, lighting, and HVAC features
  • 17% estimated cost savings as compared to industry pricing norms


Bob Wede

Bob Wede

business development manager

We were able to know from start to finish how every dollar was spent. As a steward of Noblesville taxpayer dollars, it is very important to be able to go back to the community and say that we fulfilled our promise. We completed the project on time, under budget, and we scrutinized the process. We have proof of that.
Jeff Bragg
Former Director of Operations, Noblesville Schools

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