our approach

Performance Services doesn’t just do the job, we guarantee it will deliver.

Our promise of guaranteed performance applies to all of our projects, including energy savings for the life of the contract. We provide project guarantees in other key performance areas too.

These include air quality, humidity, temperature and noise levels – all the key factors that contribute to or define the customer’s optimized environment. Specific levels and parameters may be set by the customer. And in critical spaces, such as hospitals, we meet and exceed the most exacting benchmarks, including Joint Commission and Board of Health standards. 

Four Seasons Optimization

Tree in seasons of summer and winter

We know that performance is about the day-in, day-out levels of reliability that our customers need and expect. That’s why we go beyond commissioning. Performance Services' four-seasons optimization involves physically visiting the building in each season throughout the first year of operation to make sure that all mechanical and control elements are working as specified to deliver the promised outcome. With this detailed, year-round performance knowledge, the correct operation becomes a matter of routine maintenance.

Guaranteed performance should be expected and it’s what our customers get. High-performance environments, under control.

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