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Wisconsin Performance Guarantees Timeline

Our Work Begins with Your Vision for the Future

Wisconsin school districts want to make the most of referendum general obligation bonds. Our education consultants bring a qualified, peer perspective to your facility needs and challenges--complemented by Performance Services' education programming specialists, designers, engineers, and construction professionals. Our approach begins with your end goal in mind: a high-performing building and a safe and optimal learning environment. Our services are designed and delivered with real performance guarantees.

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School District Benefits

Controlled Costs, Increased Project Speed, and High-Quality Outcomes

Our integrated planning, design, and construction process include a built-in system of transparent checks and balances to assure no gaps between design and construction. A design-to-target budget project approach provides open-book pricing and teaming with your preferred, local contractors to assure owner expectations are met along the way and at building project completion. Increased speed of project delivery is made possible with integrated design and delivery of your school district project because of our approach to doing business: a No Change Orders Guarantee, performance guarantees, and a steadfast commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.  

Complete Referendum Services

Our work begins with your vision for the future and continues with integrated planning, design, and construction with sole accountability for results.


owner risk is inherently different 

Sole accountability for both design and construction through a single entity and ONE contract help the owner avoid a situation in which the designer and constructor are blaming each other for costs or time frame. A No Change Orders guarantee is provided with integrated design and delivery.


Pre-Referendum Needs Assessment

Our Education Consultants are former Wisconsin school business officials that are respected veterans of successful school referendum projects. A peer-based role supports an informed roadmap for discovery and planning to help your district assess the community engagement services best suited for success.


Community Engagement Services

Wisconsin school district needs and preferences vary. Our community engagement specialist will provide a comprehensive approach that offers flexibility based on the unique needs of your district. 


Master Facility Planning

Our education planning, programming, and facility assessment experts have decades of experience assessing public school facilities and provide comprehensive planning based on demographics, building assessments, challenges, and priorities of your school district.



Single-source responsibility for school renovations and new construction includes architectural design, engineering, and general construction services. Benefits include one contract, transparent open-book pricing, a no-change orders guarantee, speed-of-delivery benefits, and performance guarantees. Owner risk is lower with this approach to renovating and building Wisconsin schools.


Optimal Learning Environments

Every new or renovated school project must consider the learning environment as a top priority. Performance Services specializes in high-performing buildings with defined standards for thermal comfort, humidity, air quality, and lighting. 


High-Performing Building Guarantee

Every project comes with our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Unlike architects or general construction companies, Performance Services can provide a performance guarantee that includes standards for energy efficiency and the learning environment.


Wisconsin Projects

We feel that Performance Services just had a better approach to the facility study process which sets them apart. Additionally, we didn’t have to invest any initial dollars into the study. We were impressed with the input Performance Services gave us from the planning phase all the way throughout the project because we didn’t experience that with other companies. Performance Services made us part of the solution. We’ve done numerous projects with Performance Services that really turned out well, and we didn’t have surprise change order costs. When they talk about guaranteed pricing, they stick to that and we really appreciate that.

Rick Fechter
School District of Menomonee Falls

Latest News

December 5, 2018

Jim Beckmann Receives WASBO Shining Star Award

Jim was nominated by the WASBO School Facilities Committee in recognition of his continuous work serving WASBO members.

December 27, 2018

Southwestern Wisconsin School District Hosts Referendum Project Completion Open House

Southwestern Wisconsin School District will host an open house on Friday, September 28, to highlight referendum project improvements at Southwestern High School. The event will begin at 3:30 with a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by school tours. The event will culminate at the homecoming football game.

December 3, 2018

Performance Services is recognized by Lockheed Martin Energy as Top Trade Ally Network Provider for 2017

Performance Services is recognized as the top trade ally network provider by Lockheed Martin Energy for the company’s efforts in assisting Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) customers to save 162,000 therms of energy in 2017-- the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 939,742 pounds of burned coal.

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