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Wisconsin Performance Guarantees Timeline

Our Work Begins with Your Vision for the Future

Wisconsin School Districts wish to make the most of their referendum bonds. Building consensus among community stakeholders around referendum needs can be challenging. Performance Services is here to help!

Our education consultants bring a qualified, peer perspective to facility needs and challenges. This is complemented by Performance Services’ education programming specialists, designers, engineers, and construction professionals. Our work begins with your end goal in mind: energy-efficient school buildings with optimal learning environments.

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School District Benefits

Construction Projects with Controlled Cost, Increased Project Speed, High-Quality Outcomes

Our integrated planning, design, and construction process includes a built-in system of transparent checks and balances. This assures no gaps between design and construction. Our unique approach provides:

  1. A design-to-target budget project approach
  2. Open-book pricing
  3. Teaming with preferred, local contractors to keep business local
  4. No Change Orders Guarantee
  5. Performance guarantees
  6. A steadfast commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

Complete Referendum Services

High-performing buildings add value to students and the community. We work with schools to survey, recommend, inform, and design solutions to meet both the District’s and Community’s needs. Our comprehensive pre-referendum services include:


Pre-Referendum Needs Assessments

Our education consultants are former Wisconsin superintendents and school business officials. They are respected veterans of successful school referendum projects. They will provide peer-based support to help your district assess the community engagement services needed for a successful referendum and project.


Master Facility Planning

Our team of experts has decades of experience assessing public school facilities. Our team will assess district needs and provide comprehensive planning based on demographics, building assessments, current challenges, and priorities.


Community Engagement Services

District needs and preferences can vary. We partner with districts to develop flexible communication plans based on their unique needs. The goal is to inform the community on needs and solutions so that when voting day rolls around, the community sees value in the referendum.


In-House Architecture, Engineering, and General Construction Services

We provide sole accountability for school renovations and new construction, with our integrated design and delivery approach. We provide in-house architectural design, engineering, and general construction services. Benefits include one contract, open-book pricing, a no change order guarantee, increased project speed, and performance guarantees.


Optimal Learning Environments

Student learning is a top priority and the learning environment is a contributing factor. We specialize in high-performing buildings. Standards for thermal comfort, humidity, air quality, and lighting are met or exceeded so students can thrive.


Performance Guarantees

We are committed to customer satisfaction. Each project comes with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, there will be performance guarantees with standards for energy efficiency and the learning environment.


Energy Leadership Program

Energy Leadership is a cash flow positive energy conservation program designed to fund school needs from current energy expenditures with sustainability in mind. Our holistic approach examines challenges and provides a customized plan based on specific needs. The program engages students and staff to create lasting behavior change.


Wisconsin Projects

We feel that Performance Services just had a better approach to the facility study process which sets them apart. Additionally, we didn't have to invest any initial dollars into the study. We were impressed with the input Performance Services gave us from the planning phase all the way throughout the project because we didn't experience that with other companies. Performance Services made us part of the solution. We've done numerous projects with Performance Services that really turned out well, and we didnâ't have surprise change order costs. When they talk about guaranteed pricing, they stick to that and we really appreciate that.

Rick Fechter
School District of Menomonee Falls

Latest News

December 7, 2020

Renewing our Promise to Energy Efficiency on Energy Efficiency Day 2020

Performance Services has been dedicated to delivering energy efficiency solutions to our customers since 1998. We are renewing that promise to our customers today on Energy Efficiency Day 2020.

December 24, 2020

Performance Services Helps Customers Achieve $5.5M+ in Utility Rebates

Performance Services has helped customers receive more than $5.5 million in rebate incentive pay-outs in the past four years alone. These numbers continue to increase as customers receive checks from utility companies for the installation of energy-efficient equipment and solar energy projects.

December 17, 2020

Performance Services Publishes K-12 Facilities Guidelines for Reopening Schools

The following is meant to provide helpful information to school district facility managers, administrators, and maintenance technicians to prepare school buildings to REOPEN after an extended period of shutdown.

December 26, 2020

Performance Services Publishes K-12 Facilities Guidelines for Schools During COVID-19

Performance Services has published K-12 Facilities Guidelines for school districts to use during COVID-19.

Top Talent Serving Wisconsin School Districts

Our Wisconsin Team brings peer experience and community engagement services to offer perspective and create maximum value based on your needs.

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