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Government Projects UNDER CONTROL

State and local governments utilize design-build and guaranteed energy savings contracts to enable funding, increase efficiency, improve operations and save money. Performance Services leverages years of know-how and experience to provide integrated design and delivery for municipal projects with high performing outcomes and performance guarantees.

Government approach

Project accountability keeps the customer in control.

Municipalities endure a constant balance between supporting their citizens, providing the best services possible, and saving money for their city or town.  At Performance Services, we offer energy saving solutions with an approach that includes project accountability with long-term responsibility in mind. We'll also partner with local governments to access low-interest financing, rebates and utility incentive programs.

Leaning on our years of work in state and local government, our experienced in-house staff is able to provide project flexibility and revenue-enhancing programs that benefit the entire community. Through an integrated design and delivery approach, we can engage in guaranteed energy savings contracts, water management and complex building automation systems.

Government expertise

Expertise in energy savings.

Performance Services is NAESCO accredited and an ENERGY STAR Partner. We are experienced designing and constructing both traditional and renewable solutions, including heat recovery chillers, air-to-air heat recovery, variable volume strategies, supplementing central plant/cooling sources with ground source geothermal systems, and LED induction lighting. We also have experience with solar-powered bus shelters, lighting occupancy sensors, solar thermal for domestic hot water, solar photovoltaic systems, and public display dashboards of real-time energy consumption.

Government benefits

Benefits that include enhanced revenues.

A majority of the cost of owning and running any government facility or community center is ongoing operations and maintenance. That’s why, at Performance Services, we work to achieve the lowest possible lifetime cost of ownership. We do this through a combination of optimized savings on initial construction costs and ongoing budget control, delivered by high performance, energy efficient environments.

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