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An integrated approach has tangible customer benefits.

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At Performance Services, our company was founded on the belief that an integrated approach to designing and constructing projects leads to high quality, cost-effective, and timely outcomes. We bring together a cohesive team of various disciplines to safeguard against disconnects – no "gaps or holes" – between the design and construction process. This approach allows for optimization of both building performance and cost by allowing team members working in various disciplines to take advantage of efficiencies that may not be apparent if they are working in isolation. Excellent and consistent owner communication is also emphasized throughout the process.


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"I thought the organization was the best I have seen in my 15 years that I have been in the sheet metal trade. Performance Services set schedules by trade, time frames for each trade and they pretty much hit every deadline on their schedule. I think the fact that they had so much attention on this project is what helped orchestrate the organization. They had engineers on the electrical side, controls, and mechanical actively involved at all times, and I mean at all times of the day and night. . . . The accuracy of the drawings and research were extremely pivotal in the success of this job."

Nick White (IU Health Phase I Project)

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The customer has just one contract to oversee and a single entity to deal with. We provide a single point of contact from Day One and take full and final responsibility for every key deliverable and the actions of every team member. 

What about Design-Bid-Build or CM at Risk (CMc)?

The more traditional, lowest-bidder approach to new construction or building renovation projects features separated lines of project responsibility. An architect creates the plans and a general contractor is selected for physical delivery. On large or complex projects, there can be many different, low-bid contractors involved from planning through final delivery.  

Inevitably, issues and disputes can occur between the many different players. When they do, the customer has to resolve them. Blame for gaps between plans and specifications or design disconnects can be passed around, sometimes for months. There is no single point of complete responsibility and accountability. Budgets, schedules, and the customer's own credibility can be at risk. Change orders are a reality that require both more time and money.

In contrast, our integrated design and delivery of new construction and renovation projects keep customers firmly in control of project outcomes with real performance guarantees.