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Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts with Complete Transparency

Performance Services does guaranteed energy savings differently, providing complete transparency throughout the process. No smoke and mirrors, no guessing about what your energy savings will be in the end. Performance Services provides detailed engineering designs up front with actual energy savings, guaranteed, then allows you to see each bid that comes in with open book pricing. When construction begins, we guarantee there will be no change orders. And when the project closes, you'll know exactly how much you're saving off your energy bills with real measurement and verification with sole accountability for your project's success.


Solve Your Deferred Maintenance Dilemma

Guaranteed energy savings projects allow you to address deferred maintenance without using capital bonding capacity. When you replace old, inefficient equipment with new, energy-efficient equipment you will see dramatic energy cost savings. Those energy cost savings provide funding for the facility upgrades. As a result, you enjoy improved comfort and reliability with little to no impact to bond capacity. Typical improvements made through guaranteed energy savings projects include: upgraded building controls, new energy-efficient equipment, LED lighting, new roofs and windows, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Lower Utility Costs with Solar Power

Solar power can save Kentucky schools significant money and provide educational and environmental benefits. The good news is that solar can be installed as part of a guaranteed energy savings contract. We design the solar power system and then provide schools with an estimated amount of power that will be generated by the solar array(s). This number can be used to determine your utility costs per month based on past usage.

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Here's how we provide value:


Detailed Engineering Design with defined scope

We will never ask you to sign a contract without having detailed engineering drawings attached. You will have a clearly defined scope of work before contract. You never have to guess at what you're getting.


Transparent open book pricing with flat cost structure

We provide you with full visibility into our project pricing. You'll see each subcontractor bid that comes in with no mark-ups.


choice of subcontractor and equipment

At Performance Services, we are not tied to any manufacturer or vendor of materials, specialist equipment, controls systems, mechanical installation or any other physical element of project delivery. We will work with your choice of local/preferred vendors and subcontractors.


performance guarantees

Performance Services doesn’t just do the job, we guarantee it will deliver. Our promise of guaranteed performance applies to all of our projects, including energy savings for the life of the contract.


Performance Services is a KEDC Price Contract Preferred Vendor for Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts.
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Kentucky Projects

We appreciate Performance Services' commitment to ensuring all of our questions and concerns are addressed immediately. Throughout the project to date, we appreciated the open candid conversations regarding the various aspects of the project. Overall, we are very satisfied with the service and support Performance Services continues to provide!

Eric Neff
Covington Independent Public Schools

Latest News

December 23, 2020

Covington Independent Public Schools Reports Strong Utility Savings from Energy Project

Covington Independent Public Schools has saved nearly $500,000 in energy costs since completing its energy savings project two years ago.

December 7, 2020

Renewing our Promise to Energy Efficiency on Energy Efficiency Day 2020

Performance Services has been dedicated to delivering energy efficiency solutions to our customers since 1998. We are renewing that promise to our customers today on Energy Efficiency Day 2020.

December 24, 2020

Performance Services Helps Customers Achieve $5.5M+ in Utility Rebates

Performance Services has helped customers receive more than $5.5 million in rebate incentive pay-outs in the past four years alone. These numbers continue to increase as customers receive checks from utility companies for the installation of energy-efficient equipment and solar energy projects.

December 17, 2020

Performance Services Publishes K-12 Facilities Guidelines for Reopening Schools

The following is meant to provide helpful information to school district facility managers, administrators, and maintenance technicians to prepare school buildings to REOPEN after an extended period of shutdown.

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