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“After our $30 million high school renovation, energy costs at the school were still extremely high. Performance Services guaranteed us $300,000 in annual savings and have more than delivered on their promise. Just as importantly, they have stood by their learning environment and performance guarantees, providing us with a much improved building. We greatly value our long-term partnership with them.”
Kevin Scott, CFO
Warsaw Community Schools
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Guaranteed energy savings performance contractors

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts/Performance Contracts offer public owners an innovative option for financing capital improvements with energy savings.

State legislation has enabled aging schools, universities, municipalities and other public owners to address needed HVAC renovation and the quality of the indoor environment in a proven, flexible and cost effective way.  Through a competitive procurement process, customers may select the best provider for integrated solutions and energy savings results. Guaranteed performance should be expected.

Integrated design and delivery approach:

Performance Services understands the long-term commitment inherent with guaranteed savings and performance contracting projects. Our business model is focused on delivering long-term performance and 100% customer satisfaction.


Level Project Funding

  • Avoid a large initial capital investment.
  • Pay installments as energy improvements generate savings.

Guaranteed Performance

Performance Services:
  • Provides single source accountability.
  • ALL SAVINGS GO TO THE OWNER and PSI cuts checks if energy savings are not achieved.
  • Provides design solutions for a high performance building and optimal learning environment, including: consistent comfort, proper indoor air quality, and illumination.

Open Book Pricing

Performance Services:
  • Believes in total transparency for services rendered, including a choice of subcontractors and line-item pricing.

Vendor Independent Controls Systems

Performance Services:
  • Is a qualified provider and not a manufacturer of product.
  • Allows for flexibility and a choice of product solutions to meet each unique situation.

No Change Orders

Performance Services:
  • Conducts a thorough analysis to assure an integrated design with existing structures and equipment.
  • Takes responsibility for any oversight within the scope of the proposed project.
  • Has a track record of commitment to no change orders within the agreed to scope of work.

Integrated Solutions

Performance Services:
  • Provides an energy preliminary study which includes an examination of current systems to assure a cohesive implementation with existing equipment and structure. No gaps.

Long-Term Commitment

Performance Services provides:
  • Measurement and verification throughout the guaranteed period.
  • Dedicated resources to monitor and report energy usage.
  • An annual savings report and school board presentation.
  • ENERGY STAR building qualification support.
  • ENERGY STAR porfolio benchmark analysis


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