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With hundreds of successful design and construction projects, we do not make the claim lightly that we know schools. Time and again, our approach has been proven to deliver best value projects that include optimal learning environments and significant energy and operational savings.

We have sustained one of the finest performance records in the education market. We have designed and built new schools; renovated, modernized and expanded historic high school campuses; and completed life-safety and maintenance projects for a wide range of school districts. Solar Power systems and Energy Leadership programs are integral to our value proposition.


K-12 approach

Before we build anything else, we build relationships.

The key to success is total focus on the needs of students, teachers and school communities. That’s why we commit time to getting to know individual schools and their unique needs. We gain a deep understanding of aspirations and challenges. Only then do we put forward solutions that, as experience teaches us, will really work.

We interpret the school environment as a series of flexible learning spaces that will inevitably, and rightly, adapt and evolve. So, as and when a change needs to be made, we will always do our best to accommodate it. We leverage excellent team relationships and communication to make desired changes happen without change orders to go with them.

K-12 expertise

Informed by experience, delivered by design. 

Deep and broad K-12 expertise only comes from working extensively in K-12 schools. At Performance Services our work in hundreds of schools provides us with a unique perspective.

Not only are we experts at creating energy efficient, flexible spaces that actively contribute to academic achievement, but we also help our customers to optimize their spaces year round and to gain ENERGY STAR recognition for their achievements in energy conservation.

Our capabilities include comprehensive energy assessments, ground-up construction, additions, major renovations and solar power systems. Our in-house design build team includes architects and engineers commanding extensive industry experience.

K-12 benefits

Benefits you control.

School building projects offer unique opportunities to improve learning environments for students and to replace aged equipment in pursuit of high efficiency performance and energy savings.

Performance Services delivers these outcomes, as well as the guaranteed performance levels desired by our customers. Find out how our K-12 experience can benefit you and place you in control of your learning environment and energy budget.


Optimized Learning environments

Based on our understanding of the learning environment components and their effect on classroom performance, we have a major focus on improving and optimizing learning environments in schools. Through our experience and dedication, great achievements can happen in great environments.


guaranteed outcomes

We know how much delivering on our promises matters to our schools customers. That’s why we guarantee the outcomes we promise, whether they concern specific environmental parameters, such as temperature, air quality, or energy savings.

We don’t deal in approximations. We prefer real measurements and real numbers. We derive our baseline from current utility bills – real world consumption rather than models. And we don’t base future promises on vague projections. Instead, we commit to firm savings based on actual consumption today.


Minimal disruptions

It's critical for our team to get as much physical work done during school vacation windows and be as unobtrusive as possible. As a result, rapid delivery of optimized environments, with minimized disruption to the life of the school, is at the heart of our approach.

At the outset, we create a single, committed and focused team of expert specialists. We familiarize ourselves fully in advance with the physical, practical issues on the ground. Lines of communication are short. Issues are identified quickly and dealt with swiftly. This makes for a faster delivery environment and better decision quality, based on accurate information.


Equipment replacement Plan

All physical equipment has a finite productive life. After a certain time it may be more expensive to maintain than to opt for a replacement. Performance Services helps our school customers to understand the precise status of their physical infrastructure. 

Our experts visit free of charge and examine aged equipment or under-performing installations. We then produce an objective report card that captures key issues such as the age of equipment compared with its expected useful life or the presence of coolants that are no longer legal for use.


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