Ken Fries

Corrections Consultant


Ken has dedicated his entire professional life to public safety. He began his law enforcement career in 1981 as an entry level confinement officer with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. Once he became a police officer a year later, he continually accepted new challenges. Some of those challenges were SWAT commander, patrol supervisor, canine officer, detective division commander, chief deputy and elected Sheriff of Allen County for two terms.

As the Sheriff of one of the largest police agencies in the state of Indiana, Ken faced many more challenges. One of them was a lack of a shooting range and a training  facility. Ken set in motion the purchase and development of a two hundred acre training site, that when finished will be able to train, not only all public safety disciplines but also civilian personnel. The processes used to develop this training site mirror those used by Performance Services to develop their building sites: a collaborative approach that includes all disciplines having a say in the design and layout to the charrette process.

With Indiana’s term limits on the office of Sheriff, Ken retired at the end of 2014. Upon retirement, Ken and his eldest son took an unsupported bicycle trip from northern Indiana to Florida. As an adventure of a lifetime, it has led to many other bicycle trips with his sons.
Currently, Ken serves as an elected Allen County Council member, Coordinator for Crime Stoppers of Greater Fort Wayne, and a Correctional Consultant for Performance Services. Ken and his wife have three sons and four grandchildren, with more on the way. Ken looks forward to all of his future challenges, including, perhaps, a bicycle trip across this great country of ours.