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Integrated Design and Construction

At Performance Services, we dedicate time to understanding every customer's unique needs, priorities, goals, and challenges. Only then do we put forward design solutions. Our team provides a complete solution, including design, project management, building controls, and performance assurance. We begin with your end goal in mind: a high-performing and energy-efficient result. Our services are designed and delivered with real performance guarantees. 

Who We Are

Performance Services is a high-performance specialist, creating and delivering facility and environmental solutions using integrated design and delivery with sole accountability. We do this by utilizing design-build or guaranteed energy savings contracts. Our focus since the company's founding in 1998 has been serving education and local governments to provide sustainable infrastructure and 100% customer satisfaction on every project.

How We Do It

Performance Services provides both design and construction that is enabled and focused on quality results for our customers. We prefer not to relinquish our design, project management, optimization, or performance assurance work to subcontractors and perform these essential functions in-house. Our team utilizes a cohesive and collaborative team approach throughout project development and implementation to maximize quality results and customer satisfaction.

How We're Different

Performance Services conducts master planning and completes both new construction and major renovation projects using a design-to-budget and collaborative process to save customers time and money.

What We Do

With hundreds of successful design and construction projects, we do not make a claim lightly that we know what it takes to create a high-performing building or smart city. Our approach has been proven to deliver best value projects that include optimized environments and significant energy and operational savings. We deliver successful projects while minimizing any impact on our customers' operations.


Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects 

Guaranteed energy savings contracting projects are a procurement option that allows public entities to finance energy-focused infrastructure improvements with savings from future operations and maintenance budgets. This flexible funding mechanism helps cities, towns, counties, and schools use energy savings and avoided capital costs to address deferred maintenance and pay for improvements. With this method, no-upfront capital is required.


Integrated Design and Construction

We believe an integrated approach to designing and constructing projects leads to high quality, cost-effective, and timely outcomes. We bring together a cohesive team of various disciplines to safeguard against disconnects between the design and construction process. This approach allows for optimizing building performance and cost by allowing team members working in multiple fields to take advantage of efficiencies that may not be apparent if they are working in isolation.


Solar Power Solutions

We have an in-house solar development and operations team of professional engineers and project managers. They take a comprehensive approach to developing right-sized solar solutions that meet long-range energy and master plan needs.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Before COVID-19, Performance Services specialized in delivering optimal learning and working environments. We can assist in ensuring buildings provide a safe environment for occupants. We partner with customers to provide a step-by-step planning process to better understand the current state of their facilities and how well the infrastructure supports indoor air quality.


Water and Wastewater Solutions

We partner with our customers to determine what water and energy reduction strategies can have the biggest impact on the bottom line and contribute to a sustainable future. Through advanced metering infrastructure and wastewater treatment plant projects, we help customers save money while providing operational efficiencies. 


Smart City Infrastructure

We help cities and towns go digital with advanced metering infrastructures. This 21st-century technology can help bring cities and towns forward regarding their water management.


Project Profiles


The Performance Services team was outstanding to work with from the initial conversation and throughout the project. They kept all their promises and I highly recommend them for your water meter project.

Greg Smith, City Manager (Former)
City of Jacksonville

Latest News

December 15, 2021

City of Clyde Moving Forward with Water Infrastructure Modernization Project

To help facilitate this growth trend, the City is moving forward with a $15.4M water infrastructure project to help modernize its public utilities, improve customer service, and prepare for future growth without increasing taxes.

December 23, 2021

Performance Services Shares Best Practices for Healthy Buildings During COVID-19

With continued concerns and the changing environment, we know that schools are adapting HVAC system operations to protect the health and safety of their students and staff. The Best Practices guide provides helpful information to school district officials.

December 25, 2021

City of Jacksonville, Texas AMI Project Honored with a 2021 Smart 50 Award

Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, honors the most transformative smart projects each year. For 2021, the program has recognized the City of Jacksonville project as one of 50 projects globally for its innovation and community impact.

December 6, 2021

Building Construction Project Gets Underway at Mooresville Graded School District

Mooresville, NC. Mooresville Graded School District is celebrating the start of construction with groundbreaking events at Park View Elementary and South Elementary, with a final design for the building addition footprint receiving approval and funding.

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