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Ryan Stout

National Solar Developer


Ryan Stout is a renewable energy professional focused on successfully adapting to advancements in the clean energy industry.  Ryan worked in the area of energy storage for the first seven years of his energy career, followed by 12 years developing photovoltaic systems. His experience ranges from manufacturing to supply chain management and installation.  Ryan has strong knowledge of the industry's past, present, and expected future.

Stout is third generation energy professional, where he has managed everything from daily operations to new growth strategies in the solar industry.  Stout started his career in the energy storage industry from 2001 to 2008, moving into the renewable energy industry in 2008 where he started Greenworks Energy and managed 35 installations focusing on the small commercial and residential markets.  In 2010 he became a managing member of Nusun Solar and developed a streamline solar panel manufacturing process for U.S. manufacturers to better compete with overseas manufacturing.  In 2013 he designed and developed 45 megawatts of solar projects including the Indianapolis International Airport, commercial, municipal and K-12 markets.  

Since joining Performance Services in 2015, Ryan has designed and developed 30 megawatts of solar projects in eight states. He was recently interviewed by SEIA for the 2017 national report on solar systems in U.S. schools. 

Ryan serves as an activist for the advancement of solar energy, helping to change legislation and support the need for state and federal incentives.  Stout is a graduate of Indiana University and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and two children.


  • B.S. in Telecommunications and Business, Indiana University 2001


  • NABCEP Off-Grid System Certification, Outback Power 2014